What is Digital Marketing?

Over the past two decades, digital marketing has taken on an increasingly important role in business. A real performance lever, it guarantees the promotion of your brand and the optimization of your reputation.

Definition and challenges of digital marketing

Also called e-marketing or digital marketing, digital marketing includes all the marketing practices used on digital media and channels. In general, it is assimilated to anything that is closely or remotely similar to the Internet: we speak of web marketing or cybermarketing. With time and the advancement of technology, however, its scope of intervention has widened. Today, other media are also popular, including mobile applications and video games. With each new trend, marketers are forced to review their working methods. It therefore seems difficult to give an exhaustive list of the different professionson which digital marketing is based.

In an environment where digitization has moved into high gear, e-marketing has become an essential means of communication. Today more than ever, companies need to take care of their online reputation and establish permanent interaction with their customers if they are to have a place in this new digital age. Soon, almost all consumers will only use digital channels to make their purchases. Without resorting to digital marketing, notably via a web marketing agency , a business is simply doomed to failure.

The main objectives of digital marketing

The various disciplines of digital marketing are essentially aimed at developing your customer relationship. The aim of this maneuver is to optimize the reputation of your brand and boost your turnover. One thing leading to another, it is about:

  • Increase Your Site Traffic: One of the main goals of digital marketing is to generate leads on your site. Through various SEO techniques, you can make it attractive and well positioned on search engines.
  • Turn visits into purchases: By running campaigns on the Internet, it is obvious that you plan to increase your customer portfolio. And e-marketing helps you achieve that goal by giving you the opportunity to turn your site visitors into leads.
  • Retain your customers: By working in particular on your brand image, you make sure you gain the trust of your customers.
  • Influence your target: Digital marketing allows you to create a community, especially on social networks, which is committed to your brand. In some contexts, you can use this influence to trigger a need in potential future customers.

What are the methods used in digital marketing?

The best way to achieve your goals is to adopt a strategy that uses multiple digital channels. Among the many prescribed methods, the main ones are:


This practice brings together all the practices aimed at improving natural referencing on Google and other search engines. This mainly involves optimizing your content so that it is relevant in the eyes of Internet users and search engines. In addition to the content, your site must have a thematic silo architecture with a consistent internal link structure. Finally, popularity is also a very important factor that requires obtaining external links from quality sites.


SEA, also called paid referencing , mainly designates the marketing techniques that make it possible to profit from the activity of researching information on search engines. In practice, you buy keywords to advertise online using Adwords.


Acronym for Social Media Optimization, SMO designates all the techniques and actions intended to develop notoriety on social media. In the exercise of this discipline, you use the various  social networks to reach your targets. Be sure to distribute qualitative content to create the engagement of your customers and prospects.


This practice remains an effective means of communication to contact your prospects. However, you should be careful not to send unwanted emails which, very often, annoy your recipients and could damage your reputation.

Web analysis

Also called web analytics, this discipline consists in analyzing the behavior of your audience on your site in order to detect points to improve or modify. To do this, you must among other things determine the time spent by each Internet user, the interface they use and the bounce rate.

The display

This term refers to forms of digital advertising that mainly use graphics or videos. Formerly known as online advertising, display includes banners, paving stones and skins.

Digital marketing in perpetual evolution

Over the years, the methods practiced in digital marketing have diversified. Today, we are talking about brand content , content marketing , inbound marketing , or even influencer marketing . More and more practices have gained their independence while others are emerging. To face it, there are not 36 solutions, you must adapt to the existing environment and innovate constantly by anticipating technological developments and consumer behavior

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