SILENT LOVE(L’amore non detto)


Print Information

 5.000″ x 8.000″ (203mm x 127mm)

Black & White: Groundwood


Paperback: Perfect Bound





Poetry doesn’t sell!

This is a typical phrase that every poet feels banged in the face by various publishing houses. I met Melina by chance, as it happens nowadays, in a social media. We were discussing the contents of my blog that dealt with the lack of love consequences. Love, therefore, was the predominant reason for our discussions: the love of a mother, a child or the love of one’s partner. We discussed our mutual wounds and how the lack of love can affect a whole life. But Melina she is a poet… and so I asked to write her feelings in verse, as she knows how to do, then, after reading her works, I proposed to publish them together with some of my writings ( which I have difficulty to call poems.) F. Guzzardi


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