“Speak as you eat!”

woman standing in front of cooking space smiling at camera

by Mariagrazia Pia – Is an Italian proverb to make it clear that our language must be sincere, genuine, like a food whose recipe and ingredients we know. So I will propose a “tasting” of Italian words, of idioms, trying to warn against common mistakes for foreigners, hoping to arouse nostalgia in those who do … [Read more…]


AN ARTIST with personality  by Rocco Zani “From the icons of literature and philosophy to the giants of music and cinema contemporary. In a fatal contamination – never disunited – which is primordial soup and anthology of our time. Without prejudice or fictionalized utterances. Each image it is a remote testimony and a symptom of … [Read more…]

Sophia Loren

ROME, FEB 15 – Screen diva Sophia Loren has got the L.A. Italia Legend Award for her extraordinary career and philanthropic work most recently demonstrated by her new film ‘La vita davanti a sé’ (The Life Ahead), the jury of the Los Angeles, Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Festival 2021 said Sunday. The jury … [Read more…]