The different sources of traffic on Google Analytics

Understanding your website traffic is an essential step in knowing which acquisition channels to optimize. Indeed, all your webmarketing levers do not have the same impact on your site traffic Measuring the different sources of traffic after installing Google Analytics is therefore often necessary to identify new areas for improvement. The different acquisition channels on … [Read more…]

How to install Google Analytics on my site?

Google Analytics is an essential tool for tracking your website traffic and understanding how users navigate through it. Here are the steps to install Google Analytics on any website. Steps to install Google Analytics Registering with Google Analytics involves a few steps that we will do together step by step.   Step 1: Create a Google … [Read more…]

Google Search Google: what it is for and how to install it

If you have a website and are looking to improve your visibility on Google, free search engine tools are invaluable resources that you should take advantage of. Chances are, you already know and use Google Analytics on a regular basis , but if you haven’t, you should add Google Search Console to your site. Google Search Console is a … [Read more…]

What is the impact of your web hosting on SEO?

When it comes to SEO, one of the criteria that is very important is the choice of your web host. Yet this is unfortunately often something often overlooked among webmasters. We will see in this article how your web host influences the ranking of your site in the search engines and how to choose a quality web … [Read more…]