-Linguistic Manipulation-

portrait of girl overlaid with photo of lake

The most popular methods of manipulating people and misleading the mind An example known to all experts, is the story of a novice priest who asked the prior priest: “Can I smoke while I pray”? and the prior replied annoyed: “Of course not”!A second novice asked the Prior Father himself: “May I pray while I … [Read more…]

-The Time machine has no engine –

I pedal it, so sooner or later I’ll get somewhere!  When I started cycling I discovered a world I had never seen before, a world in motion! I know it might be a trivial phrase, but it isn’t! The bicycle is an instrument of movement, a silent, effective, in a certain sense mysterious instrument, it … [Read more…]

Gianni Rosato

Susanna Casubolo interviewed Italian actor Gianni Rosato  Gianni Rosato, born in Calabria and raised in Piedmont, is an eclectic and incredibly handsome actor, with a “Bad Face” and an explosive talent. He has lived in Rome for 20 years, he came there to cultivate his passion for acting. He studied acting at the “TeatroP” in Lamezia Terme, directed … [Read more…]

-Just let it happen and it happens-

-By F. Guzzardi When someone comes to you to tell you about a wound, a wound that still tears him now, after so many years, invite him to seek the darkness within himself, the inner emptiness. In short, oblivion has immense power over the soul and even more has its distraction, that is, the ability … [Read more…]