How to know the number of searches for a keyword on Google

SEO is a source of traffic for your website, keyword search volume is a metric that you need to pay attention to. Correlated with the number of visitors your website receives, it can impact the visitor flow generated by Google.

Discover the 5 essential tools to know the number of searches for a keyword


Yooda Insight

Yooda Insight is the web’s largest web marketing database. It is essential if you want to know precisely the search volume of a keyword. The tool gives very precise estimates on the trends of a keyword in a given theme. Evaluating the visibility on google of all the other competitors is also feasible. The search phrases most commonly used by millions of internet users can be used in a beneficial way. And finally, Insight is useful for continuously monitoring market and competition developments to help facilitate adaptation in this highly competitive environment.


Ranxplorer is an SEO tool very popular with SEO consultants. Thanks to the use of big data, you can quickly access all the keywords that make a competitor site appear at the top of the page on search engines. Competitors’ strategies can be used or inspired to come up with better ideas. The thousands of the most relevant keywords used by the many competing sites are at your fingertips and actionable in an instant. By automating the transfer of data in SEO tools, you can quickly access mass results.


SEMrush is a paid site that allows you to climb to the top of search engine rankings only by using organic keywords. Thanks to SEMrush Organic Research data, the tool provides a better understanding of the SEO tactics used by the competition to obtain good positioning. Discerning the strengths and advanced techniques used by competitors are essential to improve organic SEO. With this in mind, one of the features of SEMrush gives the possibility of comparing its site with other competing sites in terms of keywords used, traffic and positioning.


Ubbersuggest is a multilingual search tool owned by Neil Patel. Based on one word or several combinations it can generate several relevant keywords related to the research object. To this end, the tool takes into account the terms that the competition has used, but also those that Internet users type most frequently on google. Search volume, competition but also seasonal trends for each keyword can also be tracked. Ubersuggest can suggest keywords on several various search platforms (Youtube, shopping, news etc.) in several languages.

Google Keyword Planner

Thanks to its efficiency and accessibility, this keyword planner is very popular with Internet users. The tool, which is accessible through Google Ads, offers a lot of cool features. The search frequency for a word is indicated there. But you can also find a range of search volume during the month by typing just a word or phrase. Google keyword planner also offers the possibility of analyzing the competition rate for a word, but also traffic forecasts. All this makes it possible to limit the choice of keywords by keeping only the most relevant.

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