Emailing campaign: how to succeed in 7 steps

Simple to implement, emailing is one of the most essential means of acquiring customers and convincing new prospects. To ensure its effectiveness and success, certain rules must be observed.

Define one and only one objective per emailing campaign

The majority of email marketing newbies tend to focus on the subject of their email first. This is the main mistake to avoid at first glance in an effective and successful email campaign.

Before even designing your emailing campaign, it is very important to define the marketing objective pursued. It is this first step that defines all the rest of your strategy.

It is also important to ensure that you have only one objective per email campaign. This approach not only makes it possible to pursue a measurable goal, but also to remain consistent in the speech. As such, an emailing campaign can make it possible to:

  • introduce a new offer, a new product;
  • communicate on the promotion of an existing offer;
  • retain existing users;
  • prospect and / or launch a promotional offer;
  • improve the brand image of its entity or show its expertise.

For all intents and purposes, it is according to the main objective that all your choices in terms of targeting, design or even speech will be determined.

Set up a targeting strategy

Once the objective of the emailing campaign is well defined and known, the second step is to define its target . It comes naturally from the objective set from the start. It is therefore crucial to target the right contacts in order to optimize the marketing effect as well as the target engagement.

For this, you must legally group the contacts and email addresses of interested and consenting persons. Do not make the mistake of sending your campaigns to all of your contacts at the risk of reaching people who are not interested in them.

When you fail to plan your targeting strategy well, it can cost you dearly. This can increase your unsubscribe and spam rate. To avoid all this, you can use your different contact lists or set up a segment. Thanks to marketing automation , make use of lead scoring and dynamic segmentation.

Find a good email subject line

Of all the stages, this is one of the most important in particular to ensure the success of the emailing campaign. If the subject line of your email doesn’t make you want to open the content, you can be sure you’ve wasted time and money for nothing. This is precisely the reason why you must devote the time it takes to find an object suited to the content of your campaign.

To achieve this, it is advisable to opt for a short and effective title . Try to personalize the subject of your email and explain its purpose. Arouse instant emotion in the reader (curiosity, urgency, fear, etc.). You must therefore make sure to make him want to open the content. Know that this is the first thing that appears in the mailbox of your readers. So pay attention to it.

Personalize the emailing campaign

Remember above all that the era of “  mass emailing  ” is over. It gave way to a more personalized emailing campaign . It is therefore important to take the necessary time to properly personalize the content of your campaign. This method above all allows your campaign not to be considered spam.

For the content, it is preferable to use few colors and design in your emailings. To maximize your chances of success, you can opt for a very simple email campaign. Write your content with the awareness that you are writing to a human being.

Write in the first person to establish a connection with your target. This way of proceeding allows in particular to reduce the distance between the reader and yourself. It is not recommended to sign the campaign by emailing name of company or department generic . Instead, do it on your own behalf.

Test the emailing campaign before any sending

This step may seem unnecessary. However, testing is a crucial step to observe for the success of any email campaign. To achieve this, you can have someone else proofread you in order to detect errors and display errors of all kinds. Make sure to check point by point that all the campaign elements are correct and well developed before pressing the “Send” button. Also, consider sending your campaign to multiple collaborators and on all forms of devices and screens. These last shipments can help you detect any display problems.

Schedule the sending of the emailing campaign at the best period

After all these steps, the emailing is finally completed and you just have to press the send button. In order to maximize the success of the campaign and to generate more engagement, it is necessary not to send it out all the time.

This explains the importance of programming a strategic date and time for sending. These two parameters depend on the one hand on the target audience and on the other hand on the content of the emailing campaign. Avoid sending your emails on weekends or evenings. Moreover, you must respect the specificities of your target.

Measure the performance of the emailing campaign

It is important to emphasize that an emailing campaign is not limited to its creation and sending. On most emailing software , You have the full possibility of analyzing the performance of the latter based on statistics once the sending is effective. So you can find out what worked and what needs to be improved next.

You can take into account data such as the open rate , the click-through rateor the reactivity and unsubscription rate . You must closely monitor the number of conversions generated by your email campaign in order to measure the success of your choices. This analysis allows you to develop the campaign according to the results obtained.

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