How to rank your site well on Google in 2020

While more than 90% of searches are carried out on Google, it is clearly essential for a business to appear on the first page of the search engine. Google’s algorithm, however, is very complex and there are many criteria to consider. How to be well referenced in 2019? This is what I will explain to you in this article.  . … [Read more…]

How long does it take to be indexed and referenced on Google?

When I present my SEO support services, a question comes up regularly “How long does it take to be listed in Google?”. If there is no exact answer, I will try to provide answers regarding the indexing and positioning times. Google’s indexing delay Before even asking the question of how long to be on the first … [Read more…]

The different sources of traffic on Google Analytics

Understanding your website traffic is an essential step in knowing which acquisition channels to optimize. Indeed, all your webmarketing levers do not have the same impact on your site traffic Measuring the different sources of traffic after installing Google Analytics is therefore often necessary to identify new areas for improvement. The different acquisition channels on … [Read more…]