Discovery: the “brain of the intestine” regulates blood sugar and insulinemia

The one we often call our “second brain”, through abuse of language, still has many surprises in store for us. Today’s menu is the discovery of the independent action of the intestinal nervous system on our blood sugar. The discovery is not surprising to specialists in the field: they suspected it. But in science, to suspect … [Read more…]

The halo of the Andromeda galaxy borders on that of the Milky Way

Thanks to the Hubble telescope, NASA scientists have managed to map the immense halo of gas surrounding the Andromeda galaxy. This one is so gigantic that it would come into contact with the halo of the Milky Way Andromeda, our closest galactic neighbor, is twice the size of our own galaxy. It is located at … [Read more…]

This electric bike is the lightest in the world. Guess how much he weigh

Electric bike A German engineer took on the challenge of creating the world’s lightest electric-assist bicycle. He succeeded at the cost of hunting for superfluous grams and a simple but very clever idea to start it motor / battery. The electric bike you have under the eyes is considered the VAE lightest in the world … [Read more…]