A Narcissist Thing

One thing you need to know about narcissists: living with a pathologically narcissistic person in your life is very painful, far from just being benignly in love with themselves.gene mutation activity

 As they are sometimes described, the true pathologically narcissistic person, can be a brutal sadistic manipulator an abuser they’re not only not in love with themselves for all intents and purposes they generally cannot love anybody, and this includes you. They will destroy yourself esteem your reputation your family your support system your dreams your life and your very sanity if you allow it and for what seems like no other reason. You

3D render depicting a woman who hides her true feelings behind a mask.

represent everything that they are not and can never be, they will take it all away from you if you let them. The best advice is to simply stay far away from narcissists once they have been identified in your life, don’t talk to them and don’t feed into their manipulations you can’t help them, they cannot be saved they can only pull you under with them and many of them would truly love to do that. IF the narcissist in your life cannot be avoided here are five things to remember in order to protect yourself:

The narcissist will always use you. Narcissistic People are users they are manipulators they generally don’t see other people as living breathing human beings with feelings people are often viewed as either steppingstone to get. What they want to be jumped over on the way to what they want and that’s it no matter what they may tell other people no matter what they say this is the truth if we strip away their manipulative words and look only at their actions we actually see this very clearly is who they are and it’s more than likely never going to change to put.  

It very simply the part of their brain that enables them to care and empathize with other people is either essentially missing or so dysfunctional that is completely ineffective depending on the childhood trauma or other factors. That make them a narcissist in the first place why do narcissists use people?

In a narcissists view, people as objects, extensions of themselves, because of that they are unable to see people as separate beings from themselves with their own feelings, needs, wants and opinions. 

We use our coffee pot, we use our arm, these are objects that serve a purpose in our life and that’s all they are we don’t worry about whether or not our arm wants to lift a gallon of milk we don’t think about if our coffee pot likes making coffee for us, we just make them do, it this is how the pathologically narcissistic person sees and reacts to other human beings a lot of the time. Other people have things they want and they want to absorb these qualities into themselves somehow to make up for what they’re lacking they will continue to use you for as long as they think you have something, they want and as long as you will allow it.

Many of them also enjoy manipulating others and they get excitement and pleasure from tricking or getting over on other people it makes them feel smart, powerful and superior.

 This is something that more than likely cannot be changed and it’s very important that everyone dealing with a narcissist understand this, it’s very tempting to view them as helpless when did children who need healing especially the ones who present themselves this way, but narcissists are not children pathologically, narcissistic people cannot be forced to see other people as human beings,  is a waste of time, many of them are incapable of doing so and others have no interest.

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