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intersectional invisibility  By Ramsay Cummins – for IM Italian magazine ramsay.cummins@gmail.com  Some may recall this memorable quote from the 1996 American movie “Independence Day”, or recognize it as being a mangled version of Dylan Thomas’s Poem entitled “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” written when his father was losing his sight. The election of 2020 … [Read more…]

-Fluid Like Water-

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By F. Guzzardi We become what we think, what we say, words are fundamental; paraphrasing the saying that man is what he eats, it could be said that each of us becomes the words he says Communicating does not simply mean informing, it means entering into a relationship and therefore, it means exchanging information, messages … [Read more…]

Desire of a Desire

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By F. Guzzardi Knowledge protects us from risks, knowing the mechanisms of manipulation in outline, narcissism, psychopathy, helps us to choose the people to surround ourselves with. Knowledge is the first step to end a toxic relationship with the emotional predator, because it allows us to unmask him; knowing protects us from danger. The moment … [Read more…]


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by F. Guzzardi -We often hear about violence suffered, grief, separation or illness, accidents, which are all traumatic experiences, still open wounds and people think that these wounds are the source of the evils– In fact, we should try to dispel the idea that the consequences of certain episodes in your life will last forever; … [Read more…]